Christmas Cards Toronto

Christmas Cards 101 – What You Need to Know

This month we’re putting a spotlight on Christmas Cards.


Christmas Cards are 5 inches by 7 inches. They are printed on cardstock. You can buy three kinds of Christmas Cards: Glossy/Glossy (glossy on both sides) Glossy/Matte (glossy on one side, matte on the other) or Matte/Matte. The standard is Glossy/Matte so that your card looks polished on the outside and you can write on the inside. The pricing you will find on our website is for Glossy/Matte but we can produce the other kind of cards as well. Glossy/Glossy cards cost less but you will find it difficult to write on the inside. If you are doing a mass mailing (2,500+) and you are not going to write inside your cards going glossy/glossy cards can save you some money! Otherwise, it is best to print Glossy/Matte.

What’s Included?

Most printers will include envelopes with your cards – but it’s always good to double check that they’re included. At Bellwether, we always include envelopes with any purchase of Christmas Cards.

What if I don’t Have a Design?

Designing Christmas Cards is simple. If you have a photo you want to use it can be adjusted for 5 by 7 very quickly. If you have a graphic idea it can be very easy to put that together. If you don’t have a Christmas Card designed we can design one for you for approximately $50 (more if it’s something complicated). If all you want is for a photo to go on the cover (and you have the photo) then we won’t charge you a graphic design fee at all. We only charge if it is something complicated that will take more than 15 minutes to do.

If you have a graphic designer tell them you want a 5 by 7 card with a 0.25 inch bleed. Ask them to include trim marks – they’ll know what this means!


The sooner you order your cards the better. Once you have them it will take some time for you to personalize them. You should expect that Canada Post will take around a week to deliver them. It’s best to order early so that your cards are delivered before Christmas.


To make life easier for you we can print your return address on your envelopes and can coordinate the mailing of your Christmas Cards with Canada Post. If you’re sending out a large amount of cards this can be especially useful. If you’re sending less than 100 cards out it will be faster for you to mail them on your own.


To look at Christmas Card pricing for 2017, click here. There are examples of card designs we have printed if you are looking for inspiration. There’s also a form on that web page to start an order!