Voice Broadcast Canada

Holiday Voice Broadcast – Special Offer

We have a special voice broadcast offer this holiday season.

Typically, in order to do a voice broadcast you need to have a phone list. That’s the list of numbers you want us to call. Your list may be stale and if you want to use an up-to-date list we charge a fee to append new data. If you don’t have a list we ask that you buy the phone list for the area you want to call.

For the holidays we are waiving all data fees to make it easier for you to connect with constituents.

So for example, if you want to leave a Holiday message for everyone in Burlington (or a specific ward of Burlington) we’ll send that message out without requiring you to purchase the data.

That means you can send out your message to any group in Canada and not worry about purchasing the phone list.

Your Holiday message will be sent out on our state of the art voice broadcasting platform. You can choose to leave a custom voicemail message and have access to our multilingual support.

As always, we will work with you to make sure your broadcast is CRTC compliant.

This special offer is available to all governmental and non-governmental associations and individuals.

For the full details on our Holiday voice broadcasting offer contact us.

For more information on voice broadcasting and to look at pricing click here.