Call Centre Services

We can provide call centre services in over 10 languages including English, French, Cantonese,
Mandarin, Punjabi, Tagalog, Korean, Hindi, Spanish and Italian. With enough notice we can add other languages to your project by recruiting specialized agents.

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Quality Assured

Nothing is more important than making sure your calls have a consistent quality and that agents are well trained. That’s why we monitor projects on an ongoing basis and why we diligently train our agents.


  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Agent Training
  • CATI


We can provide call centre services in over 10 languages. That means you can reach a representative sample of Canada. All our calls are made in Canada and we can take care of translating your scripts for you and deliver all results in English.


  • 10+ Languages
  • Translation Available
  • All Calls Made in Canada

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