Data Services

We can provide you with data about residents and local businesses. Your next PR or GR campaign will be more successful when you are able to message directly to your audience. Additionally, our technicians can match and append data you already have to add phone numbers or merge lists for you. We can create easy to use documents for you or your clients in Microsoft Excel, Access or SPSS.

If you specialize in business to business, our business directory is an invaluable tool for your company to market to business leaders and industry.

We can also source and sell residential phone directory data for your projects. If you are a city or government having access to the residential phone directory is crucial – so is keeping it up to date. Bellwether can work with your database team, or provide you with database services, so that you can access the most up to date residential directory for your projects. If you need to send out an emergency broadcast it is important your list be up to date.

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