Telephone Town Halls

A Telephone Town Hall is the newest and most effective way to reach up to thousands of people at a time. Bellwether Technologies has run the largest Telephone Town Halls in Canada and is a pioneer in Canadian Telephone Town Halls.

Our Town Halls are much like radio call in shows. We can dial a geographic area or a list you provide (ie. shareholders). Once on the call listeners can press 2 to ask a question live on the air. These questions are screened by our staff so that there are no unnecessary interruptions or disruptive remarks.

During the call you can ask questions and people can vote using their keypad. Results from these quick polls are instantaneous. At the end of the call you can ask participants if they would like to leave a voice mail or if they require follow-up. We report all responses on polls and length of connection time with detailed breakdowns and provide you with an audio recording of your Telephone Town Hall.

Telephone Town Halls have proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach out to constituents and are now routinely used by candidates, corporations and governments to reach thousands of people at once. Ask us about using a Telephone Town Hall for your next annual general meeting – many corporations are switching to our Town Halls and saving thousands in room fees and set up costs.

Our audio quality and performance in Canada is unparalleled – we are focused on the Canadian experience and have the capacity to run multiple projects simultaneously.

What’s Included?

Participants interested in asking a question are first pre-screened, then they’re put into a Question and Answer queue. If their question is selected, they will ask it live during the call. Participants are also free to re-enter the queue multiple times to ask multiple live questions during the call. All questions are captured in reporting.
Polls can be planned in advance or on-the-fly. They are used to capture audience data such as buying behaviours, perspectives and interests and to increase participation duration.
Available immediately following each Bellwether Town Hall and includes at-a-glance results and per-participant details.
At the end of the call, you can request that participants respond to certain questions or provide feedback via voice mail.
Our experienced moderators make a difference and ensure your call runs smoothly.
We will ensure your broadcast is compliant with all CRTC regulation. We have a spotless track record of CRTC compliance.

Why Us?

Experience Matters

Governments, Corporations and Stakeholders choose Bellwether because of our experience, professionalism and audio quality. Our state of the art broadcasting system is routinely used by Canadian and American clients to conduct consultations and annual general meetings.

Affordable & Efficient

We offer competitive rates and work with clients to make our Telephone Townhall experience simple and stress-free.

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