Voice Broadcasting

You can use Voice Broadcasts to communicate messages, conduct surveys or even have them become Transfer Calls. Transfer Calls allow respondents to ‘press one’ to be connected to a live operator.

A standard voice broadcast plays an audio recording for the listener. If there is an answering machine a different message can be loaded to play into the machine.

An Interactive Voice Recording allows you to conduct surveys or questions. For instance, you can play a message inviting residents to an event (say, a Canada Day BBQ) and ask them to press 1 to RSVP. You are then provided with a list of all numbers and their responses. Once again, you can leave a different message for answering machines.

A Patch Call, or Transfer Call, allows respondents to use their dialpad (press one) to be connected to a live operator. This can be used to connect respondents to a call centre, volunteers, an office or your sales team.

Voice broadcasting is an asset for governments, campaigns and businesses. Recording a simple and short message and communicating it to tens of thousands of people within minutes is still the best and most cost effective way to communicate. We work with you to create scripts that are short and effective. Our state of the art systems allow you to deliver different messages depending on whether it is a live answer or an answering machine.

Bellwether adheres to CRTC standards and has a spotless record when it comes to following broadcast regulations. Whatever your use of Voice Broadcasting, at pennies per dial it’s an invaluable tool.

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